Terms and conditions

Article 1


This seasonal rental agreement is reserved for the exclusive use of rentals of Gîtes Ruraux de France approved by the departmental branch with reginal jurisdiction on behalf of the National Federation of Gites de France. Under no circumstances can the departemental branch of Gites de France be held responsible where its agreements are used by a third person or for purposes other than tourism.


Article 2


Length of stay : The customer who signs this agreement for a specified length of time, has no right, under any circumstances, to remain on the premises after the agreed date.


Article 3


Booking confirmation : A booking is confirmed when the owner receives a deposit of 25% of the total cost of the stay along with a copy of the agreement, signed by the customer, before the date indicated on the back of the rental agreement. A second copy should be retained by the customer. The agreement made between the parties is not transferable to another person, either physical or moral, without the prior written permission of the owner. Any breach of this Article may result in the immediate cancellation of the agreement through the fault of the customer and the owners will retain the rental sum paid.


Article 4


Cancellation by the customer : All cancellations must be made in writing and sent by registered letter to the owner.

A/ Cancellation before arrival at the rental property : the owner retains the deposit paid. The owner can demand full payment for the stay when cancellation occurs less than 30 days before the agreed arrival date. If a customer does not show up at the property in the 24 hours following the agreed arrival date, the agreement is declared null and void and the owner can re-let the gite. He will also keep the deposit and demand payment in full for the rental period.

B/ Early departure : If a customer curtails his stay, he is not entitled to any refund whatsoever and the owner retains the full amount paid for the rental.


Article 5


Cancellation by the owner : the owner will give the customer a total refund and also a compensation payment at least equal to the sum he would have had to pay if he had cancelled the agreement himself at this date.


Article 6


Arrival : The customer must arrive on the appointed day and at the time specified in this agreement or on the receipt. The customer must advise the owner in the case of late arrival,


Article 7


Payment of the balance : The outstanding balance of the stay must be paid on arrival at the rental property.


Article 8


Inventory : An inspection of the property is made by the customer and the owner or his agent when the customer arrives and leaves the property and an inventory is signed by both parties. This inventory is the only document referred to in case of any complaint concerning the state of the property. The customer is responsible for keeping the property clean during his stay and also before leaving. The amount of potential cleaning charges that may be incurred is 50€ for up to 6 people and 70€ for more.


Article 9


Security deposit : When the customer arrives at the property he has rented, he will be asked to pay a security deposit by the owner, plus an additional deposit per pet (amount shown on the booking form). If any damage is indicated on the departure inventory, the security deposit will be refunded minus the amount required for repairs. If the customer leaves before the time stipulated on the agreement and an inspection and inventory cannot be made before departure, the security deposit will be sent back to the customer within a week.


Article 10


Use : the customer must respect the quiet atmosphere of the rental property and use the said property for its designated purpose.


Article 11


Capacity : This agreement is drawn up for a maximum number of people. If the number of people in the accommodation exceeds the maximum specified number, the owner can refuse to accept the extra guests. Any modification or breach of this agreement will be considered to have been made by the customer.


Article 12


Insurance : The customer is liable for any damage he may cause and must have adequate insurance cover.


Article 13


Payment of charges : At the end of his stay, the customer must pay the owner any charges not specifically included in the rental price. The amount of these charges is calculated as described in the property description sheet and a receipt will be given by the owner.


Article 14


Complaints : All complaints concerning the state of the property on arrival and concerning the property description sheet must be made to the local Gites de France office within 3 days of arriving at the property. All other complaints must be made by registered letter within 8 days of the end of the stay. Where no agreement can be found to a problem, the case can be referred to the Quality Department of the Fédération Nationale des Gîtes de France who will endeavour to find an amicable solution.



Special conditions



1 – Rental prices include :


– 8kWh of electricity per day
– 500 litres water per day.


2 – Additional charges :


Where the amount of electricity or water used exceeds the daily allowance, the excess will be charged at the going rate. The fixed charge for gas or heating oil where there is no meter is as follows : 6€ per day for 2-3 people. 8€ per day for 4 people. 10€ per day for 5-6 people. 12€ per day for 7-8 people. 14€ per day for 9 people and over.


3 – Gites marked G+ :


Means that cleaning products and bed linen are included in the rental price.


4 – Local tourist tax (Taxe de séjour) :


A local tourist tax is payable in some towns and villages. This is collected by the owner on behalf of the council.


5 – All-inclusive rentals :


The rental price includes heating, electricity, gas, heating oil and water.


6 – Additional charges :


Additional charges must be paid directly to the owner at the end of the stay. If the property rental is fitted with a meter, then meter readings must be taken and agreed by the owner and customer at the beginning and end of the stay. N.B: the price charged per kWh for electricity when the daily allowance is exceeded, must not be higher than the current EDF going rate. Customers can only be invoiced for additional charges if the relevant meter readings have been taken and agreed by the owner and customer at the beginning and end of the stay.


7 – Arrival :


The owner will be there to greet you when you arrive. Make sure you ask to do an inventory on arrival and before departure. The usual arrival and departure times are 16.00 and 10.00. We recommend you contact the owner to fix your arrival time and to ask for directions if necessary. In the case of early morning or night time departures, please inform the owner beforehand (see security deposit information).


8 – Pets :


The presence of pets must be indicated at the time of booking for premises which accept pets. A security deposit is payable per animal (the amount is shown on the booking form).


9 – Cleaning charges :


Gites must be cleaned before departure. If you do not wish to clean it yourself, please inform the owner in advance. A cleaning charge of 50€ is payable for gites sleeping less than 6 people and 70€ for those sleeping 6 people and more. This is payable directly to the owner.


10 – Insurance cover :


Customers should make sure they have adequate holiday insurance to cover rented property.


Cancellation / modification conditions :


Gites (except non-refundable prices)


No charge up to 30 days before arrival (deposit refunded). In the case of late cancellation / modification (up to 48 hours before planned arrival date), the deposit is retained by the owner.

Less than 48 hours before the planned arrival date, or in the case of no show, the whole payment for the stay must be paid ! Here is a link for cancellation insurance, which also includes public liability cover for all types of stays : https://www.albinet.fr/fr/assurance-voyage/assurance-annulation-sejour/?a=641789


Bed & Breakfast (except non-refundable prices)


No charge up to 30 days before arrival. In the case of late cancellation or no show, the deposit, i.e. 25%, is retained by the owner.