Food and services

at Domaine du Grenier


Holidays in Brittany

Relax and enjoy good food

The main house has a warm, friendly atmosphere and is open for breakfast or a snack at any time of day. Courtesy trays, complimentary hot drinks, early arrivals possible, subject to availability.

We thank all our partners

  • The Blandirie Farm in Saint-Donan
  • Cochon des prés, organic meat shop in Quevert
  • The vegetable garden (gaec of Ville Hervieux) in Trégueux
  • Tartapain and La Grange à Pain in Yffiniac
  • Lily Pilaire, qualified masseuse
  • La Ferme du Vaumadeuc à Pléneuf Val André
  • Biscuiterie Brieuc à Yffiniac
  • Brasserie Uncle à Etables-sur-mer
  • Café Richard Paris
  • Michel Yobé Paysagiste

… and many other Breton companies (Ty Bocal, Ty Gwenn) and French (Les Petits Meuniers).

Thanks also to Fernand for his cider and his precious help in many fields, and to Marie-Reine for her delicious jams.
Moments to share

A pleasant place to enjoy a drink with friends and family.

Our resident hens

Our hens love being outdoors in the fresh air and give us quality eggs.

Quality food above all

Restaurant services to enchant gourmets.

On the patio

Enjoy breakfast on the patio.

We are at your service for any request for information